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NI Measurament Studio with Agilent 82357B - GPIB

Question asked by francescop on May 20, 2012
Latest reply on May 22, 2012 by francescop
Hi, i am trying to communicate via GPIB to an instrument with Measurament Studio and the Agilent 82357B .

Here is what i have done:

Installed Measurament studio
Installed NI 488 drivers
Installed NI Visa drivers
Installed Agilent Libraries
Enabled 488 Support on Agilent Connection Expert
Enabled Tulipvisa.dll in NI Automation Explorer

Then I tried to use a NI example for visual studio (Simple Read Write in C#) but when i try to write something via GPIB it says: Nonexistent GPIB interface.

I can see the GPIB in the Automation explorer and in the agilent connection expert, If i use NI Labwindows CVI i can communicate via GPIB without any problem.

Any hint? 

Thank You