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Understanding VNA specifications.

Question asked by SOLT_guy on May 20, 2012
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This is a general question about understanding VNA specs.

I own a 8753C (but I have to use other network analyzers for my job) and I have to correspond with customers and management with respect to the accuracy of the network analyzer measurements.    Therefore, my replies have to be exact and cannot be "generally" correct because these measurements may be associated with calibration laboratory tests or some other application with exacting standards.

If I look at the receiver instrument specifications under the section, "Phase Characteristics" - Frequency Response Deviation from Linear, there is a spec + or minus 3 degrees from 300KHz to 3 GHz.   Under this spec.  I see a graph.

I need to interpret this graph with regard to what can be formally asserted with respect to actual phase angle measurements.

From the graph I can see that there is a 2 degree deviation from linear at 6 GHz (see page 19 - 8753C  instrument specifications section of the user manual) and about one degree deviation at 3 GHz.  

Let's say I ran a performance test and my performance test data output was exactly the same as the graph.

Can I tell a customer who wants to know the accuracy of my phase measurements that my phase measurement is within plus or minus 2 degrees at 6 GHz and one degree at 3 GHz (data from a test)?

Or am I only entitled to say that Agilent specifies its NA phase measurements at plus or minus 3 degrees (that is, if this interpretation of "linear phase characteristics" is equivalent to the phase angle "accuracy" measure of a phase measurement).

Is the term "linear phase characteristics" equivalent to the phase angle "accuracy" measure?

Please help me define exactly what these specifications are really saying.

Thank you for your past replies.

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