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vrf activeX example Word97DataSheet

Question asked by scubaman on Jun 13, 2001
The Word97DataSheet example in VEE 6 is not behaving as expected for me,
maybe somebody can tell me what I'm missing.

When the marker that's to be replaced is not found, an error message should
pop up.  The ReplaceAll function is supposed to return true/false.  Seems
to me like it always returns false.  Its output should be the boolean
wordApp.Selection.Find.Found.  I am running office 2000, and the Microsoft
Word 9.0 Object Library is turned on.

I have 2 questions:

1. How is this supposed to work in the 1st place?  If replace(a,b) is true,
a replacement was made, and the top pin of the if object should fire.
Which should pop up the error message.  Isn't this logic backwards?  Should
not the bottom (else) pin propagate to the right?

2. How come 'found' is always false (0)?  Is this s bug on the MS side?
Does this work as designed in another version of word?

BTW, Selection.Find.Found does return real true/false in the function
replaceFirst and replaceNext which are used in replaceTableRow in formula

Richard Kleinhenz

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