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VEE RunTime Error - "Cannot execute file gpib-32.dll"

Question asked by Shakin97 on Apr 6, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2012 by changmeikuan
Hi all,
  I was wondering if anyone knows the fix for this.  I have MANY VEE Pro 7 programs written on a previous machine that was running Windows XP(32 Bit).
I got a new machine with Windows 7(64 Bit) and installed VEE Pro 9.3.  Trying to run an exsisting simple program, I ran into the Matlab script issue which
I found on the boards (UAC) and that now seems to be fine.  But now I'm finding another problem when I try and talk to an instrument.  I get the error with the gpib-32.dll file
and I'm not sure how to rememdy this.  Any thoughts??

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