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Coaxial switch - maximum DC power

Question asked by reseng on Mar 15, 2012
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1) Could you help me to select coaxial electro-mechanical switch for freq up to 26.5 GHz with 3.5 mm connectors. In our measurements we need to switch PNA-X between three different meas setups (two different probe stations and meas in coaxial). Switching will be performed only in the cold condition. If I understand right to implement this we need one switch driver (11713B 24V) and two four port switches. 
In specifications I saw "RF input power (max): 1 watt average, 100 watts peak" but didn't found maximum ratings for DC current/voltage/power.
Is it a right choose to buy 8767K-024 switches for our setup if we planned to bias RF signal with DC up to 100V and expecting currents up to 1A?

2) I got quotation for N5242 where I see following lines:
Are front panel access loops (jumpers) included in this configuration?

3) Is it safe to connect 2.92mm bias tees directly 3.5mm PNA ports?

Thank you and best regards,
Oleg Tokmakov

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