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vrf Finding an N4010A

Question asked by soeren.hedemand on Oct 29, 2007
Hi there.

I'm supporting an increasing number of test systems based on Agilent N4010A WLAN testers and Vee version 8.

By and large everythin works fine, now that I've converted my driver to use .NET controls instead of COM. (It was originally written in Vee 6)

The one problem I have, is that the N4010A is connected via USB, and doesn't always have the same name. If for instance you replace it, then the new instrument can't be called N4010A, since that name has already been assigned to the old N4010A, which you've just removed.

Is there a way to ask the VISA layer what instruments are connected via USB, and what their IDN strings? I can do it from Connection Expert, but I would like to do it on the fly from Vee.


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