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Complex Permeability & Permittivity from S-parameters using HP 8720B

Question asked by syms on Jul 11, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2012 by MarkH

I am trying to measure the complex permeability and permittivity of samples in the 1-20 GHz range using an old HP 8720A VNA.  What I'm hoping to find is software for converting the S-parameters to permeability and permittivity.  I had intended on just coding a simple Nicolson-Ross-Weir method, but I've just been informed by the PI driving this project that I can expect  sample set that may or may not be conductive, may or not be magnetic, and may or not be lossy, and may or may not have a fixed sample size.  Going through the literature such as NIST technical note 1536, I am quickly overwhelmed by the modelling possibilities for such an ill constrained sample set.  When the 8720A was purchased, such software was purchased but the media is long gone.  Any suggestions for commercial and preferably freeware/shareware software?