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VEE User Library FAQ

Question asked by huigkhor Employee on Jan 5, 2012
1. Where will the documentation be stored?
Each contribution should include a documentation written by the user. The documentation should include at the minimum the version of the example, a description and how it works.

2. How do I determine which version of a posted example is current?
The user will have to post any newer version of his contributed example on the same thread and note the version update clearly.

3. Do I need to register to view and download the examples?
Yes. However, to view the posts, registration is not required.

4. What is the maximum file size of a posted example?
Not more than 5MB per file. Zip files are accepted.

5. Where are we on integrating the vrf emails and forum posts?
Currently m2f version 2.0 is under development. We are hoping the m2f (mail2forum) will be released soon so that we can finally have an integrated community.