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vrf Peek Poke in W2000 Workaround

Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 9, 2003
Hi All  - We have a work around to run peek poke under W2000
You need three components Peek poke library, a file name LOADDRV.EXE, and
driver giveio.sys . These are available on the VEE site or else where on
the WEB.

IN Vee you need to:
1/ Import library using: file name:  peekpoke.dll
                                                   defintion:  peekpoke .vh
- note the vh
You now initialise the driver from a call ie call PeekPoke.OpenDriver  -
this must only be done once in a program other wise a fatal message will be
We use a global variable which is initialised only after the call has be
done , and the call itself is called from the error terminal on a get
variable .
(to use this the Default preferences Delete variables at pre run must NOT
be ticked )

2/ The LOADDRV.EXE and giveio.sys files are placed in   C:
and a short cut to the LOADDRV.EXE placed on the desk top.

The before loading VEE ( we use 6.0)   use the short cut , enter
giveio.sys. Initially you will have to hit the install button. Then the
Start Button .
Subsequently you should only have to hit start on reboot.

Hope it works for you!!

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