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GUI Data Logger Basic Edition_ Export formats

Question asked by kiriakos-GR on Jun 11, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2011 by kiriakos-GR
Hello  currently the Agilent GUI Data Logger Basic Edition,  exports only at *.CSV  format.
And this limited option by it self, it cause stress to any one who uses the Microsoft office Excel  2003,
simply because its and every time, he must import the CSV in to Excel , by using the special import function.
And this is a bit hard to do, and almost an waste of time.

I have two suggestions for the Agilent team who does the software work,
1) add as additional option, output  to *.xls  format.
2) the software must have the ability to load exported files as *.CSV  or *.xls ,
and to operate as viewer of older saved logs.

Those corrections - additions will help lots of people out there.
As soon you inform your software team, please let me know about their plans.