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U1272A smooth mode

Question asked by kiriakos-GR on Jul 6, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2011 by lhornburg
According to the manual the is a very minimum of explanations about the use of the smooth mode.

The number of settings like 0000 to 9999 gives lots of possible settings,
with out giving some examples or suggestions.

I have one AC/DC ampere clamp ( Hall type) that connects on oscilloscopes and DMM,
It is the Chauvin Arnoux PAC 12.
For some reason at the 10mV/1A range  ( no matter the measured current),  I get an additional play-up voltage of 0.3mV,
that forces the last digits of the DMM to play up too.

And so I got forced to use the smooth mode, so to filter this instability.
By testing with a load of 5A DC, I managed to practically find, how much smoothing I need to add,
so to have some gain from the smooth mode.

But it took me four hours of testing, by experimenting with smooth values and their behavior or better, their effect.

I would like to know more information about the smooth mode from the official channel. 
In order to fight back 0.3mV instability I had to use 0030 samples, is this how it works ?