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vrf Merging Vee Programs from different sources: Reconciling Direct IOs

Question asked by Dr_joel Employee on Mar 31, 2004
Hi all,
     I'm trying to merge two different programs from two different sources, which drive network analyzers.
In one program, it has two direct IO blocks, both GPIB 716, one labeled VNA, one labled Network analyzer.

In the other program, I have 3 direct IO blocks, GPIB 716, one labeld PNA, one PNA1 and one NetworkAnalyzer1.

Since all of these drive the same network analyzer, I want to get rid of all but one.  I haven't been able to figure
out a way to do it, short of replacing them one at a time in each place they occur in the program.  Any ideas? 

To make it more interesting, several of the ones labeled NetworkAnalyezer in the IO manager have labeles in the VEE
program of PNA (@ 1416) which I assume because sometime in the past they were hooked up with an NI card.

Thanks, Joel

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