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Communicate with 54831D Oscilloscope using LAN

Question asked by algoss Employee on Apr 4, 2012
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"Al, As you started here in this thread to discsuss LAN so I continue here. I already worked with low level sockets programming and can deal with it but as you said there are ready LAN routines in Agilent user programmer's manual and also have the files in my computer. The only thing that block me here is the O-scope I get it a used one and it has windows 98 on it and it seems it does not recognize our LAN, I tried to follow what they said in the manual to setup the ethernet: going to properties etc .... but I did not succeed to connect the scope to ethernet. Probably windows version is old and did not has some drivers .....
I think I should install windows 7 for example? is it risky to overwrite things or it can be done? "


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First, the older oscilloscopes can not be upgraded to Windows 7 or even XP. The Motherboard can't handle it, and the scope FW won't work.

Under the scope interface is just a PC, running (in your case) Windows 95. Rather than using the LAN control capabilities built into the Scope FW, you should go to Windows and set things up the way you want. Attach a keyboard to the scope, and reboot it. Once it's running, use the "Windows" key (if the keyboard has one), or to get to the windows menu. Once you are there, you can use a cmd window, or Control Panel, to set the network parameters correctly. Verify that you have things set properly by using ping, both to and from the scope. If you can't get it working from there, then either the LAN port on your scope is bad, or you have some other problem on your network.


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