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Not happy about Waveform Download Assistant for Matlab 2009

Question asked by on Feb 10, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2010 by tabbott
With reference to this webpage for Agilent WaveformDownloadAssistant .....I AM NOT PLEASED with Agilent. ... 0&id=84805

I see no reason why Agilent can not either release the source code for "agt_sgIOmx.dll" to allow us to make it work with Matlab 2009a/b or recompile it again with the Matlab 2009 mex.

Why should we be forced to purchase the MATLAB Instrument Controller Toolbox.  I am very upset about this!  I would like a serious answer for causing me this needless cost to purchase the toolbox from Mathworks just to use Agilent signal generators with the latest matlab.

Is there any way I can have the source code to the "agt_sgIOmx.dll" so I can compile it myself.