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Want test HP Mixer for test, without a Spectrum analyzer

Question asked by jonmac12345 on Nov 19, 2011
Hi everybody,  I want to test an HP 1170Q (33-50) Ghz  mixer without it being connected to a spectrum analyzer, to test it for it being operational.  I have a source in the  (33-50) Ghz range to energize the diode in the mixer. Anybody know if and or how that can be accomplished with a minimal circuit. I would measure the output with a standard multi meter.   I know that the test will not determine whether the range of  (33-50) Ghz is according to spec, my purpose is to see  if the mixer is operating at all.  Also if you answer this, I am wondering if the construction of the mixer will show activity from frequencies outside the  (33-50) Ghz range or if the mixer will by its diode component values be unable to receive frequencies outside the broad band range it was designed for of  (33-50) Ghz .  Thanks in advance!