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N5247A 4-port on-wafer multi-line TRL calibration routines

Question asked by KevinK on Jul 5, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2012 by bhokkan

I am looking to do a 4-port on-wafer multi-line TRL calibration routine, and I am wondering exactly what the best approach is. I have read through the network analyzer help, but it gives a detail of the 4-port TRL cal using a PNA with an external test set using the valid delta match cal. This PNA has 4-ports with reference and test receivers at each port, so I am not sure if the routine is still applicable. 

I have a custom calibration board that has multiple lines and appropriate line lengths for a standard 2-port TRL. I also have an on-wafer 90 deg bend for transmission to orthogonal ports. Would I also need 90 deg bends at all TRL line lengths?

I have in the past used software for a 4-port on wafer SOLT cal, but I would much prefer a front panel multi-line cal with capacitance correction. Does the PNA-X support this routine?