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Antenna Splitter testing

Question asked by roufa on Mar 27, 2012
Hello ;
I am a trainee in a company which tests the characteristics HF and DC of an antenna splitter by Network analyzer E5062A and  Agilent Multimeter.  
it had one limps which makes it possible to commutate the signal of test through the 3 ways as it is indicated in file pdf .
The problem it’s that I did not find in the courses, the guides and the vidéos of RF ENA series (E5061A, E5062A, E5061B) an example of test of antenna splitter. I found difficulties to understand the operation of test DC and HF of the antenna splitter. 
The table in file pdf shows the characteristics HF and DC of this antenna splitter.

Can you help me with some information or guide about testing an antenna splitter.
Can you give me an idea about How to test characteristic DC of the antenna splitter without disconnecting the DUT ?
Thanks a lot