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Closing a 34908A relay and keeping it closed

Question asked by ltshibe on Sep 12, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2011 by lhornburg

I'm trying to do a continuity and Isolation of tracks test on a wafer. A wafer prober with 76 probe contacts has been designed for this purpose. I just purchased a 34972a with two 34908a mux cards (80 relays combined). The plan is to have each multiplexer card connected to half of the 76 contacts of the wafer. One multiplexer will be sourcing Vdc (say 5V) and closing one relay at a time while the 2nd one will be measuring/checking the availability of Vdc on each contact that it is connected to. In essence, I need to close (@101) and scan through (@201:240) to check for shorts and isolations (buy measuring VDC on the different points), do the same for (@102) through (@140).

My first question: Is it possible to have an external Vdc source connected to one 34908a Mux card (and disconnect the mux from the Digital Multimeter)?

2. How can I close a relay of one multiplexer, say (@101) and keep it closed while scanning and measuring DC voltage from (@201:240)? I tested closing one relay(and keeping it closed in order to take measurements) for one card using the following command:

ROUT: CLOS (@130);:ROUT:CLOS? (@124,130,131) **and this doesn't return 0,1,0 as its supposed to. But 0,0,0 instead. Please advise.