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Find the IP address of M8190A

Question asked by cgantz2000 on Dec 18, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2011 by cgantz2000
We have just gotten an M8190A ARB, in an AXIe chassis. We can connect to the AXIe chassis through its network port, and the IO Connection Expert shows the M8190A. However, the connection expert does not show any address or id for the M8190A. Also, the utility that comes with the M8190A does not show the device. Only the simulation portion shows a M8190A.

We do not want to use PCIe since we will be using multiple AXIe chassis' with M8190A's. So how do we address the M8190A's when we do our programming.

Also, I posted this question to the Signal Sources forum since I didn't notice this forum. I appologize.


Chuck Gantz