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Attempting to load an arb waveform with pyvisa

Question asked by glennti on Nov 21, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2015 by davideg
I am trying to load an arbitrary waveform as a binary block onto a 33521a with pyvisa.  I am creating a string and sending it with the following code:

scpi_cmd = ':SOURCE:DATA:ARB arbWave, #41668'
val = 0
while val < len(points):
            scpi_cmd += points[val]
            val = val + 1

where points is an array of strings containing the 32 bit binary representation of the float values I want to use.  However when I run this I get an spci error from the waveform generator saying "-103: invalid seperator".  depending on the number of samples I will also sometimes get "-124 std_decimalTooLong".  I have tried sending anywhere between something like the size of this example (417 samples) up to 83334 samples using the samplesize * 4 for the binary block size value.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.