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E4432B Memory Issue

Question asked by cjones on Apr 12, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2011 by cjones
We have an E4432B that has a problem with its waveform memory.  It seems like if there is more than one waveform in memory, you can’t always select the proper waveform.  It will sometimes play out the wrong waveform or even in some cases, a combination of two waveforms!  The generator is still somewhat usable as long as you only load one waveform at a time or else just use it as a CW generator.

When this problem occurred firmware was at revision: B.03.86
I tried downgrading the firmware to B.03.84, but the problem is still present.

Does anyone know if this issue I am having could be resolved with Service note E4432B-11 which deal with wavefore sequence SRAM?

Thanks for your time.