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transfert data from 34972A via LAN to WinCC (Siemens)

Question asked by guigui2113 on Jun 16, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2011 by guigui2113

I use a data Acquisition 34972A. It's connected via LAN (adresse TCP/IP to my computer. I can see it in the Agilent Connection Expert, i think my connection is good.

I would like make a scan every 10 sec and export the data of this scan (24 TC K) in my general program of furnace supervision. This program is developped in WinCC from Siemens. I can program in this soft in C or VBS.

Is anyone make it before me ? or can help me to make the connection? I found some example to have the good channel but not for the connection.
Thanks to all...