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Calibration? adjustments?

Question asked by Teixeira on Jan 25, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2011 by tabbott

Can anybody please help me understand the calibration and adjustment meaning.

In the manual of the 33210A, Waveform generator, it said:

"A 1-year interval is adequate for most applications. Accuracy specifications will remain valid only if adjustment is made at regular calibration intervals. Accuracy specifications are not valid beyond the 1-year calibration interval. Agilent does not recommend extending calibration intervals beyond 2 years for any application.

Specifications are valid only within the period stated from the last adjustment. Whatever calibration interval you select, Agilent recommends that complete re-adjustment always be performed at the calibration interval. This is necessary to ensure that the instrument will remain within specification for the next calibration interval. This criteria
for re-adjustment provides the best long-term stability. Performance data measured during Performance Verification Tests does not mean that the instrument will remain within these limits unless the adjustments are performed."

So, calibration should be done in 1-year and what about adjustments?
My question is, if you calibrate the equipament during one year or two, does it needs internal readjustments?
or the internal readjustments are a way to do the calibration internally?

Thank you for the help,