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Agilent VEE 9.2 launching on Apr 15th, supports Windows 7

Question asked by edwinhoh on Mar 28, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2010 by UndeadBob
We are pleased to announce the upcoming Agilent VEE 9.2 launch on April 15th 2010.

Agilent VEE 9.2 is:
◙  Direct replacement for Agilent VEE 9.0. Product numbers will change from W4000A to W4000B
◙  Backward compatible with Agilent VEE 9.0
◙  FREE online upgrade for existing Agilent VEE 9.0 customers
◙  New feature – Windows 7 (Professional, Ultimate, Enterprise) support
◙  No changes in product portfolio and pricing from Agilent VEE 9.0 to Agilent VEE 9.2

Be sure to look out for the new bits online on the 15th at!

Agilent VEE Team