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Commanding channels while in Scan mode

Question asked by jbutitta on Jun 8, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2011 by lhornburg
I am attempting to change the state of channels on a 34903A actuator board, while scanning channels on 34901A multiplexer board. An external trigger (a rotary encoder) is used to initiate the scan sweep.
There will be no external trigger until I am able to close a specific channel on the actuator board. This channel will feed power to a DUT, and the rotary encoder will monitor its motion.
So although the daq is in scan mode, it is not sweeping the channel list when I attempt to close the channel.
It appears that the commands to change the channel states are ignored. Is this the correct operation of the unit?

I could configure the scan parameters and initiate the scan AFTER the actuator channel is closed, but then I'm missing data for the initial motion of the DUT.
Is it possible to command channels not in the scan list, while in scan mode?