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Conflict of 82357A driver and Windows XP console application

Question asked by jhpark on Apr 22, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2011 by hognala
Dear Agilent Experts,

I installed a Agilent 82357A GPIB/USB interface driver in my Windows XP/Dell desktop. A problem is, after that, Windows console applications compiled by Visual Studio 6.0 stop to work any more (whenever I run the .exe files, the running window stops to respond and there is no way to kill the window other than hard-reboot of the whole system. The Windows Task Manager doesn't work after this thing happens). One concern is that I have an NI's PXI data acquisition box connected to my machine and I enabled the NI-488.2 interoperation mode in the Agilent Connection Expert. The problem also didn't go away after I unstalled both Agilent and NI drivers. It seems like that the Agilent driver inflicts unrecoverable damages to some of the Windows system files. I'm wondering if anyone has seen this problem and has a solution other than reinstalling the whole Windows OS (actually, I tried this once and the same thing happened again after installing the Agilent driver).

Thank you for your help in advance.