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Question asked by Metatron on May 2, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2012 by dhamilton
There is a discussion at my lab about measuring power meter reference outputs.  I measure them using a 432A and a 478A-H76, or a Tegam 1806 or 1830A and a thermistor mount.  Some of my associates argue that we could measure the output just as accurately by taking an 8482A and an E4418B and comparing the output results of the 435B-K05 to the UUT power meter's reference output.
My reasons against their approach is that by taking two measurements the mismatch uncertainty and instrumentation error uncertainty will double, not to mention the uncertainty of the 435B-K05's output has to be included.  They say that since it is a relative measurement all we'd have to consider in the measurement is the 435B-K05's output uncertainty.  What do you think?  We need to put this issue to rest one way or another.