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MSOX2012A WaveGen Option Voltage output problems

Question asked by ertr on Jun 18, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2012 by ksmith
I have a Agilent 2000 oscilloscope with WaveGen option installed. I am using to test an ADC Module from TI, specifically it is ADS1278EVM module.

I have the WaveGen generating a 5VPP sine wave with no offset voltage. When I connect my oscilloscope input to the wavegen output I see the sine wave but the voltage is showing 0.3VPP (about 0.3V~, rms, I also have the DVM Option installed). I see this both with high-z setting and 50ohm. I have the WaveGen ground connected with the oscilloscope ground.
This is exactly what I observe through my ADC module as well (I have an fpga as my dsp connected to my computer).

Can you please advice why am i not seeing the full 5VPP?