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Schematic for an old E3610A

Question asked by Bingo600 on Jun 16, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2012 by thong-lin_tan
Hi there 

I just bought & repaired an E3610A PSU

But it seems to be one of the first revisions , several components are marked '91
And the schematics i have found on the Agilent site or on the net , doesn't match the model i have.

Ie. i have a 1-turn pot for current , a LM741 instead of the LF411,  and a 6.9v reference (LM329)  instead of the LM336-5.0

See more here

Would it be possible for Agilent to dig up a schematic of this "Old model" ?
The serial on the Cooling Finn is : 3151Kxxxxx


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