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Multi-Carrier measurement PXA signal anlyzer

Question asked by Leyo on Apr 27, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2012 by Leyo

I am trying to measure the ACP of a multi-carrier basestation transmitter using PXA signal anlyzer. 
The carriers are spaced @ 1MHz and there are 6 carriers with GMSk modulation. Power of each carrier is 36.4 dBm. 
In the ACP setup for carrier configurations, there is a a button called "Measurement Noise BW". What is the siginificance of this BW. Is this the BW in which the acrrier power is measured?. My carriers BW is 200 KHz(GMSK) . But seeting the measurement noise BW to 200 KHz, the measured power of each carriers is around 1.5 dB less than the expected 36.4 dBm. To get  carrier power of 36.4 dBm, the measurement BW should be around 1MHz? 
Also is this tied to the measurment method of "Integ BW" and "RRC weighted".  Please explain the difference between these methods.