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E5071C default (preset) calibration

Question asked by jeffgoos on Apr 26, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2012 by bearts
Easy question...

I have a E5071C 2 port 8.5GHz network analyzer.  My question is regarding what calibration exists (if any) when the preset button is pressed.  Is there a full range 2-port factory calibration to the front panel N connectors?  Or is there no factory calibration?

In this application I have an N connector cable (12 feet of LMR400) that I want to make accurate loss measurements with from 1GHz to 8.5GHz.  I see two ways to do this:
1) I have an ECAL module with SMA connectors.  I can cal the machine over the 1-8.5GHz range with the ECAL, but must include 2 semi-rigid cables and 6 adapters.  To de-embed back to the front panel N connectors I can use port extensions with loss compensation using the OC auto port extension (with adapters and semi-rigid removed).  This works, but I'm questioning the accuracy.  I can see on the smith chart this broad band port extension is not compensating for loss accurately across the band.
2) If the machine has a factory calibration the easiest thing to do is connect my N connectored cable to the N connectors on the network analyzer.  No adapters, user calibration, or port extensions necessary.

I tried it both ways to see if they would match, they do not.  Using the ECAL procedure stated above I see about 1dB more cable loss in the mid band.

I'm looking for accuracy that is a+/- about 0.1dB.