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Question asked by chard on Mar 16, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2011 by chard

I'm GPIB programming the E4991A impedance analyzer.  I want to read the trace data from the analyzer to my computer.  I'm having problems synchronizing the analyzer sweep with my program.  I first make a call to the analyzer to trigger a new sweep via the GPIB. This works.  Then, I make the call to read the trace data.  In my case, that call is "CALC 4 ATA? FDATA".  Once this call is made, the data is read from the analyzer.  However, the triggered sweep is not necessarily completed.  I want to add to the program something to assure that the sweep is complete before retrieving the data.  In the past with VNA's, I would use an OPC or OPC? command to assure a sweep/command is complete before retrieving the data. I need a command to interrogate that the sweep is complete.

Right now, I've resorted to reading the sweep time and just sleeping for that period before retrieving the data.  I don't like having to use that crutch.