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82357A - 15.5 IO libraries problems with windows 7 (64bits)

Question asked by ibrahimshehata on Sep 23, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2010 by stephen_mueller
I am experiencing problems connecting 34970A data logger through GPIB/USB 82357A interface to a new computer with windows 7 home premium platform with the latest IO libraries (IOLibSuite_15_5_13009_1).

This same set did work and is working reasonably well with windows vista platform on older computer with the same IO libraries.

Generally windows 7 does not recognize the 82357A (GPIB/USB) and gives the message unknown hardware. Very few times it did recognize it and installed the driver, but when the data-logger (34970A) is connected the IO libraries does not discover the data-logger as it usually does under Windows Vista after refreshing and no communication with computer is achieved. Twice when the GPIB/USB interface is connected to the computer windows gave the Blue screen and shut down the computer giving the safety message.

Has this problem been reported? is there any solution for it?