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Active-X and segmentation errors

Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 6, 2001
I am running into a serious problem using Active-X components in Vee. I am
hoping somebody out there has a solution.

I am running VEE 6.01 on a 400MHZ pentium machine with NT 4.0 and service
pack 6.0

I have developed a Vee routine using the GreenLeaf Active-X library. One
routine uses just the port control class. Another routine uses the terminal
control class with the port control class. Both routines perform flawlessly
when run from with in the routine. As soon
as I create a call to the routine and run it I get a segmentation error with
an error code of 979 the second time it is run. The important thing to note
is that it is the second time that the routine is run that the error occurs.
I never get an error when the routine is run from with in itself. I almost
always get an error the second time the routine is run using a call.

I thought it might be because I am using events. Removing the events and
disabling the events on the variable declaration did not affect it. I still
get the segmentation error.

I am also having the exact same problem with a FTP client that I developed
using IP*Works from devSoft. The second time I run the routine using a call
to it I get a segmentation error. It also performs flawlessly when run from
with in the routine.

I am taking the proper steps to close the ports afer I am done with them.
The only thing I have not seen is a way to destroy an object once it is
created. Maybe someone can offer a suggestion with how to destroy an object
once it is created. That may be my problem but I have not found a way to
destroy the object. Any suggestion with along this line of thinking would be

I have called the Vee help desk and now after a week I have no answer after
calling them about every day to find out if any progress has been made so I
would appreciate it if some has some ideas on fixing this. Since I have the
same problem with two different active-X libraries I feel the problem is
with VEE.

My test project is now going critical since I have not found a solution,

Mike Gustin
Siemens Medical Systems
Danvers MA
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