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VI_ERROR_SYSTEM_ERROR and system crash

Question asked by GDPerry on Sep 26, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2011 by MattC
I am converting a mfgr driver based test system to using the VISA I/O library. The system has worked reliably for 5-6 years
and none of the command (SCPI) or timing structure  has changed, but when I use the VISA library I get a "VI_ERROR_SYSTEM_ERROR" at about 1500 operations which causes the software to freeze after 2 tries to recover. The most common instrument involved is the 66311D power supply. I know this seems like a lot of operations. These tests involve 16 DUTs, 100 tests and 4 configuration operations at 3 temperatures and a group of 100 measurements at various temperatures for all 16 DUTs and as I indicated earlier the tests have been running for several years. One DUT typically requires 1000 instrument operations at one temperature. I am using Windows XP SP3, Agilent I/O Library 16.1, HP 66311D, HP 53181A, Aeroflex 2945B, and some proprietary fixtureing.
I have been unable to find a relevant reference on the Internet or in any Agilent documentation. Any help will be appreciated.