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Convert TO Vee time?

Question asked by boespflu on Aug 25, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2011 by sergio
Looking for any ideas on how to convert System.DateTime to VEE time (~63G)? I am aware of many methods to convert VEE time and System.DateTime to alternate formats (string, text, binary, etc.), but have not been unable to find any way to convert to VEE time.

I have a database that I want to explore via column A, which is in System.DateTime format. I want to apply Math to this System.DateTime, and then sort and filter based on their database values. I want to look at the dates in Column A and compare them with a user selected date (today's date minus 7), if they are greater than this date, then pass them through to the rest of my program for processing. Maybe their is a better way, but my thought was that having the date/time in VEE format would be easy to mathematically process and compare. Although not impossible, I have found it difficult to perform math to System.DateTime format, but found it even more difficult to filter and sort System.DateTime format.

Much thanks to anyone who has any advice.