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Building Record

Question asked by chan_thx on Dec 15, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2009 by gojoh

I am developing VEE software to interface with SMU(Source Measure Unit), I need to key in the settings before i run the system. I create 7 modes, where each mode has different settings. For each mode i need to set 15 settings.For this method i understand i need to use Build record
This 15 settings i need to connect as a input terminal to (build record1) and the single output will be connected to another 7 input buildrecord2 which will be 7 modes. Can any one advice me how to switch a single output (build record1) to 7 inputs(Buildrecod2).
For example: When i want to set settings on mode 1, the output (build record1) should be connected to the input of mode 1(build record2), and next when i want to set mode2 the , the output(buildrecod1) will have to be connected to mode2 (input of build record2).

Thanks and sorry if i am confusing you