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vrf RS232 in VEE, not so simple !

Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 6, 2001

A couple of bugs exist with VEE as regards RS232.

1. The time out on the device available object (DAV), when used in NO WAIT mode
doesn't work => this object will wait indefinitely for data. This is a major
pain if you want a program that is event driven, (i.e. waits to receive data at
this port).
If timing isn't absolutely critical you can use the DAV object in NO WAIT mode
and regularly poll the serial port for data. I don't like this solution but it
does work.

2. I have talked to a consultant/trainer from Agilent and he has found data loss
occurring when using asynchronous RS232 coms in VEE.

The second problem here is definitely the more worrying one. The Agilent guy I
was talking to recommended a piece of ActiveX code called CommX you can download
a free trial from I haven't tried this yet but would be
very interested in any feedback + code examples from anyone who has.


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