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*IDN? error

Question asked by miro34 on Jul 1, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2011 by miro34
Good day!

The system worked on Laptop established by another man. Now I have another computer with no practice working with agilent.
The system is LCR meter - cryostat. Attached instruments: Agilent E4980A and scientific instruments model 9700. The system (windows xp) is running with NI MAX and Agilent VISA and with Agilent 8. The SI model 9700 is connected from RS232 via USB. The win system recognized it, the NI max recognized it, but at Agilent connection expert it all stopped by trying to send *IDN? to device (error timeout). When trying to run program vee it stopped saying error 811: resource found on this interface but not as ASRL4::INSTR.
Where can be a problem. I tryed different settings (changing primary - secondary VISA etc,) but nothing worked. I believe that there is just a small setting somewhere and everything will run.

Thank you for helping, Miro.