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vrf To File does not take Filename

Question asked by VRFuser on Jun 19, 2008
When your "To File" object runs, the object that defines the filename for the control input may not have run yet.  Just force it to run before the "To File" object by connecting it on top of the "To File object".  You need to do this trick most of the time you use a control input.

Le 2008-06-19 à 10:56, Gallmayer, Jochen a écrit :

i created a "To File"-Object (I/O+To+File) and added a control-input for the Filename and an input "A" for text-data. Then inside only "WRITE TEXT A".
Then i have start-button which is connected to the "ToFile"
Now the problem is that the filename is not used from the object and no data is written.
BUT when i put the "ToFile" inside of a UserFunction and pass the filename and data as parameters and call the UserFunction then it works.
Why this? 

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