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N6700B: Difference between Measure and Fetch

Question asked by nickdenniston on Jul 28, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2011 by nickdenniston
The SCPI command reference in the manual lists FETCH commands and MEASURE commands. What is the difference between the two? Do the FETCH commands return the instrument settings or the measured voltages and currents? I'm using the N6733, N6735, and N6743 modules.

I am developing an automated test script in LabVIEW using the Agilent N6700B VISA Instrument Drivers, and I want to check the new setpoints against the current setpoints to determine which setting to reconfigure first.

For example: If the new OV setting is greater than the old OV, the OV setting needs to be adjusted before the voltage setting to avoid tripping the instrument. (i.e., old OV protection set at 5V, new settings are OV=10V and Voltage=6V --> OV needs to be turned up first). If the new OV setting is lower than the old OV, the voltage needs to be turned down before the OV is turned down (i.e. changing from OV=10/V=6V to OV=5V/V=3V).

To implement this logic, I need a way to return the current module settings. I'd like to use the preprogrammed drivers instead of writing and debugging the GPIB query string commands.