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Power Squence with N6705B

Question asked by derrick0627us on Jul 19, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2011 by MattC
Hi! I tried to do this in Perl.

   print"PowerUp Sequence\n\r";
   $g->ibwrt("OUTP:DEL:RISE 1,(\@1)");
   $g->ibwrt("OUTP:DEL:RISE 2,(\@2)");
   $g->ibwrt("OUTP:DEL:RISE 3,(\@3)");
   $g->ibwrt("OUTP:DEL:RISE 4,(\@4)");
   $g->ibwrt("OUTP ON,(\@1:4)");
   print"Power Off Sequence\n\r";
   $g->ibwrt("OUTP:DEL:FALL 4,(\@1)");
   $g->ibwrt("OUTP:DEL:FALL 3,(\@2)");
   $g->ibwrt("OUTP:DEL:FALL 2,(\@3)");
   $g->ibwrt("OUTP:DEL:FALL 1,(\@4)");  
   $g->ibwrt("OUTP OFF,(\@1:4)")

But only the power up portion works but the scritp still turn off all channels at the same time. Is there something else that I need to turn on in order to perform a power-off sequence?