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53210A occasional errors with remote measurement

Question asked by Dengland34 on Jan 17, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2019 by KamFed
We're using a 53210A instead of the 53181A and are experiencing errors that either do not occur with the 53181A or are masked for some reason.

The errors as queried from "SYST:ERR?" command via GPIB in order are:

+320, "Input signal frequency shift caused internal counter overflow"
-410, "Query INTERRUPTED"

Both errors are generated after a "READ?" command is issued to the instrument.

What should I be looking for as far as a cause and countermeasure? The errors only happen some of the time.

The programming I'm using was originally written for the 53181A and I tried using the "compatibility mode", but I still had errors. I'm now using the native 53210A native mode and have modified the SCPI commands to the 53210A's command set.

Setup of the 53210A is done by the following:
"INP:COUP DC"                
"INP:FILT ON"               
"INP:LEVEL 2.5"              

The signal that is being measured is a 5V square wave with a frequency in the range of 1.5khz to 1.3khz. The signal is then changed to a frequency in the range of 14khz to 15khz. The only command issued to measure is the "READ?" command.