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Channels' Access problem

Question asked by marwen on Mar 30, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2011 by MattC
I'm trying to remotely control an Agilent N6705A DC Power Analyzer with 3 outputs through Matlab. I' m using a GPIB interface. First, I used the IVI driver to create the .mdd file and created the Device Object. I can connect to the device through "tmtool" but I can't select the appropriate channel for the output. There no argument that allow me to do so in the set  function (In the Device Object, in tab  Proprieties/voltage level: Object, I get always Output1 or all object)

Have I missed a step?
Ps: In the software modules  available in the configuration store, I see the the 4 outputs. And I can't map any Physical name to Virtual name in the Driver sessions (is this mapping step mandatory ?).

Thanks a lot.