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Fatal Error VEE 8.51 doesnt start anymore

Question asked by Tobias on Feb 16, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2011 by PingWei
During working with VEE Pro 8.51 I’ve got a blue screen by windows XP (SP 3) telling me, that there might be a problem with some new hardware. And indeed I was just working with a very new USB scope (PicoScope).

Since this system crash VEE 8.51 doesn’t start anymore. I always get the error message below:
But VEE RunTime (8.51) still runs and VEE Pro 7.03 also. Nothing else on my computer seems to be affected beside VEE Pro 8.51. I reinstalled VEE Pro 8.51 without success. I still get the same error massage every time I try to start VEE Pro 8.51.

So my question: What can I do to make VEE Pro 8.51 running again?