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How to program the markers and the reading of the markers

Question asked by huizhao on Apr 19, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2013 by matthew_rose
I'm on a project that requires measuring the power level at peak.  On the power meter N1911A P-series, we can move the marker 1 & 2 to the range the peak duration of the period 1 and 2 (with external trigger, the position of the peak is re-defined), then the trace window shows the markers' position (x axis, time domain) and power reading (y axis power domain) for both marker 1 and 2.  Now we need to automate this process, but can't find the right command to move the markers and read the power measurement at the markers' position.  Does anyone know the commands or alternative methods that achieve the same purpose (such as obtain the trace data and find the power at particular moment)?