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81130A pattern generator errors, configuration help

Question asked by LMRguru on Aug 6, 2011
I have an Agilent 81130A pattern generator with two installed 660 MHz 81132A modules.

The unit was dropped and received front panel damage but works except that it does not show any front ends installed.

It was showing an error code (error 24) and by a little experimentation I determined that the error code displayed is the binary sum of the setting of the 8 DIP switch bank on the main board.

This unit, having been dropped and possibly investigated by a previous technician, could well have invalid dip switch settings.  My suspicion is that of the 256 possible combinations, only a handful will be valid
combinations as it seems likely that these dip switches tell the CPU what hardware is configured.     With two module types available and two slots available,  I believe that gives no more than nine possible valid
switch settings, representing:

No modules
400 module/no module
no module/400 module
400 module/400 module
660 module/no module
no module/660 module
660 module/660 module
400 module/660 module
660 module/400 module

And since I only have two 660 modules,  we can ignore all combinations involving a 400 module.
That leaves just three possible valid combinations that will give me at least one operational module,
and only one that will run both modules.

So,  I think it's critical that I get the proper dip switch settings before proceeding further.   Does anyone have those settings?  The settings as I got the unit do not work.

I've inspected the unit very carefully and can find no other mechanical damage.   It'll need a new front panel, which is reasonably priced, fortunately.