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Voltage measurement on Agilent N6700B

Question asked by Hagai on Mar 16, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2011 by Hagai
I'm writing this VC++ API to automate the N6700B.

I connect to the instrument through LAN.

I managed to change the voltage on a given unit (1-4), as I can see the change in the panel and the web App.
but when I measure it I get weird results.
Here's a sample of my code, setting the output voltage on unit-1 and then reading it:

IAgilentN67xx4Ptr m_agDriverPtr;
IAgilentN67xxOutput3Ptr outputPtr = m_agDriverPtr->Outputs->GetItem("Output1");     
AgilentN67xxMeasurementPtr measPtr = m_agDriverPtr->Measurements->GetItem("Measurement1");
double mpo_voltage = measPtr->Measure(AgilentN67xxMeasurementVoltage);
printf("output voltage on unit1 is = %f ",mpo_voltage);

The value printed as mpo_voltage is 0.000609, and it changes after each execute (sometimes can be read negative).

What am I doing wrong?