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TestExec SL / VEE

Question asked by on Nov 18, 2010
I am a 16 year VEE veteran.
Currently, I am using a VEE based Test Executive written (by me) in 1995 (still in use).
I downloaded the EVAL version of TestExec SL to try out and for the life of me I can't get it to call a VEE routine.

veesm.exe is running
I set up an action to call a VEE routine (can't find a lick of info on Agilent's website on how to do this and no examples).
The on-line manual is dated 1995 and still says HP TestExec SL on it (no help there).
It fails every time telling me the called function is not a Windows executable.
The literature says it works with VEE - is there some hidden trick to this or can't the EVAL version do it?

By the way: I am running this on a MAC under VMWare Fusion running Win XP Media Center Edition SP3.

Rob Marquardt