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Contec GPIB-USB-FL with Vee

Question asked by covelljohn on Nov 17, 2010
I have several NI usb-GPIB cables and have no issues with them. I am implimenting a few more test stations using VeeRun and need to buy a few more GPIB controllers. My colleagues in our automation dept. have started using Contec GPIB controllers for their machines to cut costs, so I decided I should give these controllers a try. They are more than $200 cheaper than the NI GPIB ($550).

I have had no luck getting the I/O libraries to recognize the controller. The controller has a specific driver for general GPIB, Advanced GPIB, and LabView GPIB. None of which work. Trying to install this on a machine already with a GPIB driver causes all sorts of mayhem! Thepreviously working NI will no longer be recognized once it is plugged in either.

Has any one had any luck with these? is there a Vee driver that needs to be installed or maybe a Contec driver for Vee?

There is also Adlink I am interested in. does any one have experience with either of these?

Thanks in advance.